From the recording Snow on Northern Hills


I ran across the fields to see you
in the morning sun
crashing through the barley
the day had just begun
to bring you the red shoes you love
from the high street co-op store
throw your winter boots away
you won't need the any more
but hold on to your dreams
don’t let the world slip them away
wherever life may take us,
I will love you anyway
and hold on to your dreams
hold on to your dreams

I worked any extra shift each week
to earn some extra pay
will you accept me now
do you still mean to go away
to London, Leeds or Liverpool
to make a new career
to learn to write or teach
or be a female engineer

you brought a summer basket
full of bread and cheese and fruit
a bottle of beer to calm me
when I see you bathing suit
tell me that you love me even only for today
thrill me once again
before you throw my heart away