1. Rose

From the recording Highly Strung


The first time I ever saw her her eyes smiling right at me
She called out my name and she called out again
and I turned around to see

Her name is the flower of lovers her cheeks blush her eyes black as coal
Her gaze pricks at my heart like it was Cupid’s dart
And my feet start to rock n roll

Waiting for her in the Cathedral Square, climbing the steps up to our roof top cafe
clasping her hand watching a street steel band
in the crowds from the matinee

Clutching her umbrella in the darkening rain she tells me all the tales of her day
a motorcyclist roars past he's going way too fast
as the streetlights flicker and fail

She traces the contours of my face Like a sculptor modelling clay
In the shadows at night cast by the candlelight
before the dawning of the day

This is too much happy for my heart to bear it twists and shouts when I stare in her eyes
breakfast by the river but her hand begins to shiver
in the peppering rain In the late sunrise