From the recording Highly Strung


These old Roman shutters hide the afternoon sun
Like we hide from the truth that you will soon be gone
We’ve spent all our summer together in Rome
And we’ve fallen in love and so far from home

So how shall we spend the remains of the day?
The clock is still ticking as our time slips away
I would make my tomorrows forever today
Did I tell you I love you, will it soon be too late?

Shall we throw some more coins in the fountains below
Or dine where that waiter sang love songs so slow
Or gaze at St Peters aglow in the dusk
Till our arms ache from squeezing each other too much

Shall we go to the markets and buy souvenirs
Or stay here in bed and make love through the tears
Shall we run through the traffic and shout at the moon
Our time left is over too short too soon