1. Meet in Vegas

From the recording Highly Strung

written by David Fee, Laura Cade,
Rob Harris & Dave Harris


Tomorrow you won't ask me if i turned off all the lights
And I don't need to worry If you're coffee is just right
And I ain’t gonna ask you where you got to late last night
we'll be free of all the arguments and fights
So we'll drive across the desert And we’ll Make a brand a new start
We're gonna meet in Vegas And it's gonna break my heart

So we’ll meet again once more among the lawyers and the deeds
We’ll Sign our name together and we’ll pay the legal fees
As the ink dries on the paper and you step out thru the door
You’ll get everything you need And you don’t need me anymore

Will I see a new horizon when I drive back to LA
but I won't forget the good times that we had everyday
When you fly to Kansas city and you're far up in the sky
I will send you one last sweet goodbye

When your love has come and gone How do you ever carry on
How can I try to explain How could I ever love again