1. Borrowed Time

From the recording Hand Picked Tunes

written by Gary Carey and Dave Harris


Down beside the village Green
Every year we laid a wreath
For the local men who went to fight
But never made it home

They were heroes every one
Fathers, lovers brothers, sons
Their memory will outlast
The names we carved upon the stone

We’re all livin' on borrowed time
Be proud of those who came before
Hand some love on down the line
We’re all livin on borrowed time
We’re all livin' We’re all livin'
We’re all livin' on borrowed time

There’s a bench beneath the tree
If you look closely you will see
A brass plaque on the backrest
And a line of verse engraved

My grandfather'd often stay
An hour on a summers day
The view he cherished we can share
And linger in the shade
We’re on this Earth for just a little while
you deserve to make the best of all your time