From the recording Hand Picked Tunes

Although I didn't set out to write a Christmas song, I finished it at that time of year. The more I listened, the more it resonated at Yuletide. Either way, I hope you like it


one short life is all you get
thanks the stars for the people you met
though all the toils of life prevail
the ones who love you will never fail

bless this table bless our friends
watch over us until our fellowship ends
even when we’re far apart
keep us close within our hearts

even when the storm clouds
bear down on your back
you search for clues and comfort
in a worn out almanac

but you’ll never find the answer
in all your books and maps
so you read another chapter
just to help you to relax

i know that only time will tell
but I'll always wish you a fond farewell
and though we part again tomorrow
another time will surely follow

© David Harris 2020