From the recording Hand Picked Tunes


A brand new sun shines down on us
Through my old grey curtains
and stirs the morning dust
to shuffle us awake
with a new daybreak
baby there’s something I gotta say
is this the day
when my dreams come true?
I gotta tell you I’m in love with you

The hours and days
are just the rags of time
and I’ve been waiting
for the stars to align
but now I gotta act
I will never retract
there’s something else I really gotta say
Is this the day when you set me free?
oh my darling will you marry me?

all of my dreams and all my desires
all come together in a heavenly choir
My heart will fly if you’ll walk down the aisle
surrounded by a congregation of smiles
and all of my days start right here
and all of my fears disappear

will you say yes or will you decline ?
will I see your hand in mine?

make this the day
when my dreams come true
I wanna spend my whole life with you