From the recording Hand Picked Tunes


One drunken night
I was knocked down and dragged
To fight for King George
and the union flag
Bludgeoned and blinded
and borne to the sea
Me feet dragged the cobbles
that lead to the quay

Once a young farmer, a soldier I went
And home to me true love,
me shilling was sent
Leaving behind me a wife and a son
To reap the new harvest
now I was undone

I woke in the dark
and I rolled with the swell
We climbed on the deck
to the sound of the bell
freemen and convicts
we made up the crew
we shivered
and swallowed a poisonous brew

the crew weighed the anchor
and we sailed on the tide
Now Wellington’s men
with vainglorious pride
I soon volunteered
for the royal marine red
and clutched my new flintlock
with powder and lead

We won through the storms
in the Bay of Biscay
and we gazed on Corunna,
our comrades at bay
We fell from the longboats
and I wretched on the sand
we waited the French
to meet on dry land

The smoke of the battle,
the roll of the drums
The blood and the bones
of Northumberland’s sons
The sky filled with shot
and I fell with the fire
The field fell silent
and I cried out this prayer

God save my dear
from a poor beggar’s grief
Oh this is my prayer for a soldier’s relief
I never shall see my son grow to a man
Nor have me a daughter
to hold by the hand
So God speed the sword
till your labour is done
And God Speed the plough
when the battle is won
they carried my body back
\down to the shore
and patched up my wounds
but I would battle no more

So Be never so eager
to march off to the wars
but be not afraid
to stand up for your cause
With bread on the table
and grain in the store
We’ll reap the new harvest
and battle no more