1. Night and Day

From the recording Hand Picked Tunes


Dry your eyes, save your tears
it’s never as bad as it first appears
I never loved you
how you wanted me to
but that doesn’t mean
that I never loved you

I fell for your beauty and your tenderness
the eyes that loved me
and your sweet caress
I never thought I could find love again
then all of our dreams
fell like tears in the rain
Trust me baby, its better this way
even though I dream of you
night and day
I cannot give you what you ask of me
can’t you admit what everyone can see

you cut your hair in the dead of night
just to punish yourself
and then you hugged me tight
desperate tears
running down your cheeks
and down my face onto the linen sheets
I never betrayed you,
all my time with you
and now that’s its over
I don’t know what to do
I know we’ll regret
all the things that we said
since the day that we met
into the years ahead
does all of that love get lost forever
will you forget the time
we spent together

will you think of me
when you take your tea
will you sit alone with no place for me
I will you think of you
when I make my bed with the pillow
where you once laid your head