1. Lovers' Leap

From the recording August Moon

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Lovers' Leap

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© Dave Harris


My day began when she passed me by
like a perfumed breeze in a burning sky
Stepping lightly on her long high heels
the horns ring out on the automobiles
I rest the rim of a frosted glass
On my burning cheek as she saunters past
smiling by at the barstool boys
she strolls along with such grace and poise

Steal the moment take your chance
Quell a faint heart for some sweet romance
Dive right in and swim so deep
Take a running jump off of a’ Lovers’

My reverie lasted just a week
When she failed to walk down my favourite street
Falling back into my desert boots
I knew I’d missed my chance when my feet took root
I pull my face out of my chilli beans
And wipe the sauce from my old blue jeans
Slipping out in to the afternoon
I leave the guys behind to hum the same old tune